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The Olathe Rotary Club is one of 32,000 local chapters which are located in 200 countries. Rotary International is the first service club, and at 102, best described by its motto: Service Above Self. We govern by asking ourselves 4 questions:

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Rotary is a global network of business and professional leaders who volunteer their time and talents in service to philanthropic projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Since its inception, Rotary has proudly stepped forward to encourage initiatives that transcend politics and promote the common good. It was Rotary that, in 1942, called for an international peace conference that later became the United Nations. Rotarians have worked to provide clean water and sustainable food sources in developing countries; promoted literacy; and championed medical care for all. In 2002, Rotary began partnering with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the US Centers for Disease Control in bold effort to eradicate polio. Today, the number of polio cases worldwide has declined an amazing 99%.

Rotary began in Olathe in 1937. The Olathe Rotary Club has distinguished itself, and received Rotary International recognition, for some of its projects: rebuilding a school in Belize, reconstructing a fish market destroyed by hurricane Hugo in St. Croix, starting what became Heart to Heart International, supporting local youth activities and organizations, the arts, innumerable charities, and student scholarships. Over 90% of our charitable giving is for children and youth who have needs

Olathe Rotarians are part of 1.2 million other Rotarians worldwide who are working to serve other, promote ethical business practices, and foster international understanding and goodwill. To learn more olatherotary.org

Presented by The Olathe Rotary Club “Helping kids one child at a time.”


If the world was fair, none of the children living in Deb’s House would be there. Deb Murphy-Scheumann opened the house in 2000 for babies waiting on paperwork to be completed, that would lead them to adoptive homes in the Kansas City Area.

But when the government of Romania closed international adoption in 2003, the children were left with no place to go. So, for the past 13 years, a small group of devoted friends, has been raising funds to raise the kids together in that temporary house that, out of necessity, became a home. When Deb Murphy-Scheumann became extremely ill, Elizabeth Alex became their cheerleader and support system.

With no government assistance from Romania, all funds are raised here. Friends of Deb’s house provide everything from milk and eggs to cabbage and meant, to toothpaste, water electricity and heat.


In 2017, KidsTLC is celebrating 45 years devoted to transforming lives of children and families in our community. Located in Olathe, Kansas, KidsTLC offers residential psychiatric treatment, outpatient behavioral health, homeless outreach to teens, autism and parent support programs. Your support helps transforms times of crisis into lives full of hope and joy.

Inclusion Connections

Through advocacy, education, activities and conversation Inclusion Connections (IC) sheds light on the needs of local youth with developmental disabilities and works to improve their lives. Using a peer mentorship and leadership model, IC trains young people to advocate for and serve those in need. IC works with businesses, organization, leaders and community members to build a more inclusive and disability-friendly community.

Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s Fund-A-Need Program

Times are tough for our schools today. The Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s Fund-a-Need program allows supporters of public education to browse through grant projects posted by teachers. Through a crowd-funding application, individual donors can support any part or all of a teacher’s grant proposal. It’s a great way to support our teachers and students.

Evergreen Living

Our mission at Evergreen Community of Johnson County is to provide the best possible long-term care services to the individuals we serve, including residents with limited assets. At Evergreen, we embrace a person directed care philosophy. The core values of person-directed care are the choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living. In our community, you will not only see the difference but feel it. Evergreen Community is where life happens and kindness matters.

Woodland Charities

Dozens of medical teams travel to Guatemala and Panama every year to impact health. They are actively working with local groups, schools, and officials to address several community-health concerns.
Their primary focus is preventing water-related diseases. The Sololá region has one of the highest incidence rates of childhood diarrhea – due mainly to its proximity to a source of contaminated water but also complicated by sanitation issues and hygiene practices. Their approach weighs heavily on empowering residences to participate in improving the health of their own community.