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  • 17% Drama
  • 17% Science-Fiction
  • 10% Action
  • 9% Comedy
  • 7% Reality
  • 7% Thriller
  • 33% Others
DorianLord's Reviews
Watch Safe Online
MIchael C Hall does it again! This was an amazing thriller. love the twists and turns. you will love this.
21 hours ago
Watch The Rain Online
Another fantastic offering from Netflix. Netflix is killing it this year. A slow burn thriller/apocalyptic series. An interesting twist to the "end-of-the-world" canon. I actually binged watched this on a Rainy Saturday. Enjoy.
8 days ago
Watch The Rain Online Season 1 Episode 1
This drew me in immediately. They are kids, so they are going to do stupid things. But very intriguing indeed. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.
8 days ago
Watch Westworld Online Season 2 Episode 3
Holy WOW!!!! That was very exciting. Love that phrase..."The living creatures in the outside world are fighting to resist death. Yet we are creatures that never die and are fighting to live."
14 days ago
Watch Atlanta Online Season 2 Episode 10
Another creative and hilarious episode. My only critique is the language the kids used was too current. They were little kids in the 90s. They didn't use phrases like "They went In on him" and "They are going to roast me". Those are current terms. That is what kids say today. Other than that it was so good that they could do a whole season of them as kids. That kid that played Alfred as a kid was spot on in his portrayal. LOVE this show so much.
16 days ago
Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Online Season 10 Episode 22
Fun recap but they were so wrong about the biggest beef in RHOA history. It was not the Kim wig tug, it was Porsha's literal dragging of Kenya across the stage at the Reunion. Perhaps due to liability issues they could not shout that out. That is probably why Porsha is still on the show. I think the lawyers pointed out the obvious that Kenya was deliberately provocative towards Porsha in order to achieve that outcome. Kenya's a nasty piece of work. She needs to escorted out the door like they did with Phaedra and Sheree. I think that line between being the entertaining "Bitch you love to hate" and "Nasty bitch that you can't trust" is very thin. Kenya is the latter and (imo) her days are numbered.
21 days ago
Watch Naked and Afraid Online Season 9 Episode 8
It is strange that they didn't provide a fire starter in this one. That would have been very helpful. She could have done like some other women have done in the past seasons and cut some of her hair and used it to help start a fire. Overall brutal with no fire.
21 days ago
Watch Ash vs Evil Dead Online Season 3 Episode 10
Farewell Ash vs Evil Dead! It has been an amazing ride. This was a satisfying end to the series.
21 days ago
Watch Atlanta Online Season 2 Episode 9
The randomness of their adventures never get boring. This show is so hilarious!
23 days ago
Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Online Season 10 Episode 21
Kim pulling the typical white woman victim role BS after acting like an entitled bitch all season. She got what she deserved....almost. I wish one of them would have snatched that greasy wig off her head. Sheree can't be trusted so I'm glad she got fired. Honestly they need to start doing a spring cleaning. Start dismissing many of these veterans and put some new blood in there. I'm sick of Kenya, and bored with Cynthia, Kandy, and Nene. They need to add Eva, Marlo, and Shamiya to start. They can start swapping next season.
a month ago
Watch Ash vs Evil Dead Online Season 3 Episode 9
so sad this series is ending. I can't imagine how they will end it next episode. This show was the perfect blend of comedy and horror.
a month ago
Watch The Daily Show Online Season 23 Episode 82
I've been a fan of Rosie Perez for 20 years. She has grown so much. Love what she is doing and I need to check out her show ASAP.
a month ago
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