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KarolusMarxus's Reviews
Watch The Daily Show Online Season 23 Episode 107
Why is no one uploading the daily show anymore? A shame, really, because there are views in it. It keep having to go to another website. If someone wants to pick it up, I'd be grateful (and if I may be so bold, please provide an link, I don't much like nor the other platforms commonly offered on this website). The advantage would be little competition for the brave uploader. :)
2 months ago
Watch The Daily Show Online Season 23 Episode 105
Why are there so few links, and only vidzi? It's been a few days that I have to see this on another site systematically. Are uploaders no longer interested in the Daily Show? Because it's not a lack of torrents, I checked.
2 months ago
Watch Seal Team Online Season 1 Episode 21
@Jeannn Uploaders are neither responsible not in control of the performance of host sites and of your own network. Try to find a link that works well. is generally a good choice as far as I'm concerned. If the bandwith problem comes from your end however, you should take it up with your service provider.
2 months ago
Watch The Expanse Online
@Tonia1 That we can agree on!
2 months ago
Watch The Expanse Online
@WyvernWings Yes, but it is still a business decision to lean towards the political views held by a majority of your creative staff (screenwriters, directors, actors and so on) as well as by a majority of your target audiences for primetime TV shows (18-35 y.o., who constitute a big chunk of many series audience). Furthermore, I completely second what @Death8 said. But then again, I don't think I was alone in recognizing the toxicity of Tonia1 before that, although I love the fact that she goes out of her way to include subtitles, which comes in handy when watching with people who are not perfectly fluent in english. That said, it's sad this show was canceled. For all its flaws (mainly, stiff acting, especially in the core cast), it was a good and immersive sci-fi experience. I won't protest its demise like that of a Firefly, though. This was not gold, but silver
2 months ago
Watch The Expanse Online
2 months ago
Watch The Daily Show Online Season 23 Episode 19
Uploaders, while we thank you for your work, please check your files for 10 seconds before throwing it online. Sound and image are horribly out of sync on this one.
8 months ago
Watch Atypical Online
RadiationBoy, unless you studied humanities as relating to the British world, your university degrees are purely irrelevant when it comes to your opinion on the matter of the existence of an Irish nation. This is of course why I mentioned history, as it is the most pertinent discipline to understand the Irish identity. Shouldn't a high IQ lead you to make that fairly obvious connection on your own?
a year ago
Watch Mr. Mercedes Online Season 1 Episode 2
RadiationBoy, glossing over the idea of an Irish or gaelic nation predominent in academia nowadays and which you would have had to encounter if you had studied British history at a university level, I would like to point out the fact that had you been to a british university, you might have known that it is most certainly not written univercity, what from seeing it on every letterhead, newsletters or sprawled in big letters on the very buildings in which you studied. If, however, you did actually attend any form of higher education institution in the UK, it forces one to wonder how much you actually got away from that experience, given you failed to learn even the correct spelling of the word.
a year ago
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