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  • 17% Comedy
  • 17% Reality
  • 17% Documentary
  • 17% Special Interest
  • 17% Talk Show
  • 17% Drama
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PonderThis's Reviews
Watch Grey's Anatomy Online Season 14 Episode 20
Episode 20 hasn't been uploaded yet and it ended on tv 45 minutes ago. Not that I'm impatient, but why is it taking so long? Thank you.
3 days ago
Watch Grey's Anatomy Online Season 14 Episode 20
Why hasn't episode 29 been uploaded yet? It ended on tv 42 minutes ago. Thank you....
3 days ago
Watch Timeless (2016) Online Season 1 Episode 1
NBC canceled Timeless and then decided to give it another chance. Can any of the uploaders's put up season 2? Thank you and we really appreciate you all very much!
7 days ago
Watch Killing Eve Online Season 1 Episode 1
Does this mean "The White Princess" won't be around for season 2 since Jodie Comer is in this new series? It is an American-British tv show and labeled a miniseries. Maybe that answers my question but the miniseries really ended without and end.
7 days ago
Watch Lost in Space (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 4
This certainly isn't the Lost in Space from the 1960's that's for sure. I watched it back in the 60's and wasn't that impressed with it (even though I was only in grade school) and liked Star Track better. But this one is good and the special effects are very good. But when will the Robinson's see the real June Harris (aka Dr. Smith) and that she is up to no good.
8 days ago
Watch Marcella Online Season 2 Episode 8
WOW! I didn't see that coming at all. I thought surely her son! I didn't think it was a homeless person she got the swab from.....may have to watch that episode again from the first season. A whole new direction for Marcella to say the least and looking forward to season 3!
13 days ago
Watch The Man in the High Castle Online Season 1 Episode 9
When I saw the news reel of the celebration of the end of WWII in NYC, I thought maybe there is a parallel dimension. I watched "Counterpoint" before I started watching "The Man in the High Castle" but even if I hadn't, I would have thought there had to be a parallel world involved somehow. This drama does make you wonder....what if.....
15 days ago
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